Share Farming, a Landowners experience

Share Farming, a Landowners Experience

Tony McCormack has farmed on his family farm in Delvin Co. Westmeath for the past 20 years, running it in conjunction with his father while also retaining an off-farm job. The farm is 270 acres in total, with 175 acres on the milking platform. Tony operated a 120-cow dairy herd along with a beef enterprise, bringing all progeny onto slaughter.

With no immediate farming successor, and a full-time off farm job Tony wanted to explore what options may best suit him and his farm. Tony approached the service three years ago, after attending a share milking seminar and reading the Land Mobility web site. For Tony and his farm there were many options including manager, farm himself, reduced system, lease or share farm all with different pros and cons.

It was decided to aim for a share-farming type arrangement. In early 2021 the Irish Farmers Journal page and Land Mobility database were used to promote the opportunity and seeking expressions of interest.

Significant genuine interest emerged. Through a process of meetings, facilitation and detailed business plans including farm infrastructure improvements and financial cash flow projections, Tony selected a progressive young trained farmer who has a keen eye for business performance. Since the beginning of the share farm agreement the farm has seen significant improvement with new farm laneways, new milking parlour, improvement to fencing along with significant level of reseeding. A really good working relationship has developed. The confidence of both parties in The Land Mobility Service has ensured this arrangement has gone from strength to strength benefiting all parties involved.