Nitrates, a Restriction or Opportunity


Farming is continuously changing and evolving but it dies without Generational Renewal. Young people bring perspective and adopt new approaches and technologies.
Nitrates Rules and an Environmental focus now applies across all sectors and enterprises from margins and green covers in cereals to animal organic nitrogen and slurry storage in livestock.

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Nitrates Rules

The ability to grow grass, carry livestock, or produce grain is no longer a limiting factor it is how these are produced.

The next generation of successful farmers will produce in a financially and environmentally effective manner. They will explore technologies, organics, and regenerative.
Presently there is significant reactionary short-term decision making and herd thinking amongst farmers, advisors and decision makers. Reflex reactions often do not deliver the best outcomes.

I am close to my nitrates ceiling; I am told I need more land or have less cows

  • Reflex: Rent more ground, pay too much, need more labour to manage the new land, too much grass/fodder, going backwards.
  • Balanced: Look at my present systems, remove inefficient animals, deliver more efficient use of labour, land and infrastructure

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