Land Mobility Service
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Generational Renewal, Facilitation and Support Service

The Land Mobility Generational Renewal, Facilitation and Support Service is a subsidised independent expert service focused on facilitating collaborative farming arrangements such as long leases, share farming, and partnerships. This provides Options for Landowners and Opportunities for Young Trained Farmers.
The service does not represent any one party, instead the focus is on facilitating a sustainable  WIN WIN arrangement.

About US

What is The Land Mobility Service?

The Land Mobility Service is a dedicated proactive support service for farmers and farm families who are contemplating Expansion, Changing Enterprise or Stepping Back.

The confidential service allows people explore their options and will help match farmers interested in long leases and collaborative arrangements such as partnerships, share farming or contract rearing. 

The Service also supports family partnerships – Options for Landowners and Opportunities for Young Trained Farmers.

Land Mobility Service

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What Are YOUR Land Mobility Options?

For those thinking about change or for those who feel there is no plan, OPTIONS do Exist

Long Term Leasing

Long term leasing is proving to be a very effective land use collaboration providing certainty and security to both parties.

Land Mobility Service

A Family Partnership

Registered partnerships usually involve family or connected persons but can be entered into between two non-connected persons.

Land Mobility Service

Shared Farming

Collaboration and shared farming can be as simple or as complex as you want as long as the terms are clear and agreed.

Land Mobility Service


Partnerships are proving to be an excellent progressive mechanism for succession planning & management of the family farm.

Land Mobility Service

Land Mobility Support Information

New Opportunities Available

The Land Mobility Service is about matching people to opportunities. This is a brokerage service to find the ideal farmer match for you.

You can speak with our specialist team and provide your details and preferred option. Confidentiality is assured. Qualified leads will be forwarded to you for further consideration.

Read some of the case studies from people who availed of our General Renewal and Support Services

Case Studies

Austin Finn
Micheál Larkin
Patrick Brady

Land Mobility Service Team

Land Mobility Service Staff

Austin Finn
Micheal Larkin

Supporters and Associates

The Land Mobility Service continues to grow and key to this success is the ongoing support from our Stakeholders
Get in Touch with Us

If you have any questions, inquiries or need support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our team is committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to ensure a positive customer experience.

You can reach us at or call any of our Team Members.

We’d love to hear from you!


Dublin 12
Eir Code: D12 YXW5

Austin Finn – Special Projects Consultant:  086 2541425
Patrick Brady – Facilitator: 087 1628839
Micheál Larkin – Facilitator: 086 0404002
Catherine Joy – LMS Facilitator Support & Administrator: 086 0357499/

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