CAP 2023-27

We are now moving towards the end of the present round of CAP with 2022 the last year of the current BPS and in a period of some uncertainty. Preparation of the CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) for 2023 to 2027 has been underway for some time.

From 2023 farm supports and Entitlements will continue, however; value, rules and criteria in the claiming of same will change especially as regards the Greening component of historical BPS.

Talk and headlines regarding these rules coupled with active farmer comments, clawbacks, national reserve etc. etc. is confusing and are best ignored until the rules are decided and documented.


What will my BPS / BISS Payment be

The current BPS and Greening Payment (combined) is to be replaced by new terminology and composition. This will be BISS plus ECO and CRISS from 2023. BISS will continue to be based on historic Entitlements but with its value moving towards a national average.

Example 100 acre (40 Ha) farm 40 Entitlements and 40 Eligible Hectares

Current BPS including Greening €245 per Entitlement (€170 + 75 = 245)

Total BPS Payment 2022 €9,800 (40 x 245)

The 2023 Payment will have three elements as follows (approximate figures)       

BISS €5,800 circa 60% of your total current payment or 85% of your current entitlement value excl greening.

ECO €3,000 circa €75 per Hectare

CRISS €1,200 circa €40 per Hectare up to 30 Hectares = total €10,000

EntitlementsCurrent Entitlement Value incl Greening €2022 Payment2023 Payment

Approximate figures and one Hectare of eligible land required for each Entitlement.

The move from current BPS to BISS

BISS will represent the new Entitlement value and the guaranteed income support. On average for farmers this will equate to about 60% of current payments which is the same as 85% of current Entitlement values excluding greening.

ECO is added to this, ECO will be worth circa €75 per Hectare on all Entitlements with matching eligible hectares. However farmers will need to qualify for this payment (unlike the BISS it is not automatic and guaranteed). What needs to be done will depend on the farms ECO category. The aim here is to reward farmers / farms who have taken actions beneficial to the climate, environment, water quality and biodiversity. And by default penalize those who don’t.

CRISS is also added, CRISS will be worth about €40 per hectare (again where there is an entitlement and matching eligible hectare) on the first 30 Hectares. This is basically a method to top up or “front load” payments for smaller farmers.

Other schemes like ACRES, Organic, Sheep, Beef, ANC are additional with additional application, eligibility criteria and payment.

While the BISS and ANC is only year on year it is important to remember that many other schemes involve a commitment for five years or more locking and restricting the land for that period with payback and penalties for non delivery. If you are looking at succession planning or stepping back be very careful about joining such schemes particularly ACRES or Organics.

What is required for ECO

The fine detail is not yet finalized however a farms ECO category will be determined by inter alia enterprise, stocking rate, system, and % ineligible land. Certain farms and farm actions will be deemed favorable for ECO eligibility including;

Space available for nature

Extensive livestock systems (low stocking rate 1.2 LU/Ha)

Limiting chemical nitrogen

Planting trees and hedges

GPS controlled fertilizer application

Soil sampling and liming

Break crops and multi cropping (tillage)

Multi species swards

ECO is open to all active farmers and must be applied for annually as part of the BISS application (formerly BPS application). A farm/applicant will either qualify or not. Not availing of ECO does not affect the BISS or Entitlement usage.

Application process

BISS claiming and application will be via the same system as the current BPS based on Entitlements. An applicant is required to have Entitlements, Eligible Land, and be an Active Farmer (on that land).

Entitlement statements and rules will issue in early 2023.

Leasing of entitlements especially with land is expected to operate as previously.

To be deemed an Active Farmer a person or entity must either

  1. Have an active Herd Number with animals in that herd (min 7 months & 0.15LU/Ha) or
  2. Be operating a farming system be that cropping, tillage, horticulture, growing grass for hay/silage, or short term grazing. Under this the farmer must maintain records of inputs with proof of payment (fertilizer, fencing, seed, contractors) and document output with receipts for sale of same (hay, silage, grain, grazing, maize, etc).

Capping of BISS payments above €60,000 (the BISS element only) per applicant will apply.

National Reserve will still be available to Young Trained Farmers.

A Young Trained Farmer top up payment will apply for the first five years in farming. Incentives for female farmers will also expected to apply. Extra thresholds and young farmer or female farmer eligibility are likely to be available to persons in registered farm partnerships.

You can download a version of this as a pdf

The above is a guide as the exact rules are not finalized and are subject to change. Contents are without liability or prejudice.

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